Project 4: Time & Motion



My song of choice


Starting sketches
Digital storyboard/thumbnails
  • Low x-height
  • Geometric foundation
  • Humanistic curves
  • Music fits and works well with the narrative/adjectives
  • It’s good that most of the text starts on about the same baseline, increases readability — and Brandon is all about readability
  • Start off simple, with no background elements (yet)


  • It should only be squished once it hits the ground
  • It shouldn’t bounce out of frame once it’s in frame
  • Make sure it’s hitting on beat
  • Since it’s really hard to pull off, maybe try something else?
  • Most of the text seems to fall on the same baseline; maybe make it part of the composition?
  • Try exploring different type effects in AE
  • Would be helpful to map out scenes with timing
  • The section that says “HvD Fonts” puts more emphasis on it than necessary, and it’s still not super clear that HvD are Döhren’s initials
  • The ball bouncing could still use some tweaking
  • Where the rounded corners & slanted stroke caps are mentioned, the “n” could be scaled down for more clarity/pacing can be improved

Final Video




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